metaphysical & metaphorical musings : art, architecture, and arithmetic


The tale of our CATTt suggests the form that our obscenario (our consultation regarding general policy) will take.  This time around, the tale is Rob Kovitz's Pig City Model Farm, a wonderful text comprised almost entirely of found material regarding architecture and pig farming and profusely illustrated.  Kovitz's vehicle of the pig farm is underscored by the tenor of utopian socialism; his own turn comes when he quietly associates pig farms with Nazi death camps, turning the entire project on its head and marking it with an ironic tone.

A major aspect of epiphany, for Caillois (Target II), is vertigo, which we will aim to evoke in Prezi.  Vertigo, or ilinx, aligns with the trope of irony, which is what powers Pig City.  This finds some parallel in my own project; social and spatial vertigo was not uncommon in Pruitt-Igoe thanks to its homogeneity and crowding, much like in Kovtiz, who does not number his pages, let alone chapters, leaving his reader to wade through a sea of individual structures of thought.  (Intriguingly, Kovitz gestures very explicitly toward his own vortex of a music poster, whereas the reader's vortex--the image of Auschwitz--is not even labeled as such.)