metaphysical & metaphorical musings : art, architecture, and arithmetic


Analogy informs the CATTt as a similar or parallel project to the one being undertaken.  Here, our Analogy is Christian Bok's 'Pataphysics: The Poetics of an Imaginary Science, which details a selective history of an avant-garde movement and its outgrowth.  (In this way, we're using the rise of cabaret--the institution of electracy, concerned as it is with pleasure--in Paris in the earlier 20th century as a model process.)  The 'pataphysical line includes poets and critics alike, both of whom employed the tropes of 'pataphysics (anomaly, syzygy, clinamen) as a means of defying the hegemony of science over knowledge, reclaiming some ground for poetics.  Because general policy formation is grounded in literacy, and thus implicitly values utility and technoscience, we're using a similar poetic project to produce a figure, make a turn, induce ephiphany.

This resonates with my own project, since the failures of Pruitt-Igoe was an over-valuation of austerity and essentiality.