metaphysical & metaphorical musings : art, architecture, and arithmetic

Other Instructions II

The overriding goal in part 2 will be to create a figure: a trope or turn of meaning (the clinamen of 'pataphysics).  Our aim in doing so will be to encourage the viewer to think at light speed, become electrate, by presenting an argument via electracy's apparatus, the screen, and taking advantage of its verbal, visual, and filmic characteristics.  To this end, the trope will be presented in Prezi.

The ideal outcome: the figure will induce an epiphany in the reader, and thus the research and work conducted here this semester will begin to influence general policy formation--what people 'think' about something, in this case the economy of exchange.  Ideally, the reader will come to understand that there is a general economy in which death and excess play crucial roles that cannot be hidden or excised and appear in the restricted economy under the guise of 'accidents'.

To arrive at our trope, we'll use conduction, or dream-work, which hinges not on formal connections but on the accidental ones.  Mine is the broken windows of Pruitt-Igoe and and Microsoft's 'blue screen of death'--both of these things are signs that formalism has encountered a 'fatal error'.